#SQLThursday is here

Struggling to source quality free content on SQL Server? Finding it difficult to fill the void between #TSQL2sDay and Un-SQL Friday? Join me for the first EMEA SQL Server webcast of the year Deploying SQL Server Tips & Tricks  on Thursday 19th January 2012! Starting this month I’m proud to announce that I will be […]

Missing Performance Counters

Missing Performance Counters

We had an incident today where a set of SQL performance counters were not showing in Perfmon. The performance counters in question were the SSISPipeline set on a 64bit instance of SQL Server 2005, the reason why they were not showing was that in a 64 bit installation the registry setting that stores the location […]

Registered Servers Error in SSMS

Last week I needed to repair my installation of Windows and ended up reinstalling completely over the top of the existing OS, this lead to an error is SSMS when I wanted to use Registered Servers, I have added the error in it’s entirety below: See the end of this message for details on invoking […]

Installing SQL Server with Slipstream

Many thanks to Christian Bolton for telling me about “Slipstream” and how it can streamline your installation process. Wikipedia defines slipstreaming as: In computer jargon, to slipstream updates, patches or service packs means to integrate them into the installation files of their original software, so that the resulting files will allow a direct installation of the […]