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Monthly Reflections – April 2014

April was quite a busy month and so apart from the last reflections post and TSQL Tuesday entry Why So Serious everything else that was published last month was actually written some time back. I did have a lot of fun with the April fools ones though and also the why so serious one brought back […]

Monthly Reflections – March 2014

After a bit of an enforced sabbatical from blogging (short but boring story), I was interested to see how my blog had fared over the last month in essentially what was a re-launch. The list below is one of popular posts rather than a top N format due to the fact that some of them are perennial […]

The week that was: PASS #SQLRally EMEA 2013

The week that was: PASS #SQLRally EMEA 2013

I feel really bad that I’ve not been able to blog recently. My draft area is littered with half written posts about things I was going to be doing late October and early November that will now go unpublished because those particular events are over. This does however provide me with a chance to review […]

SQL Saturday #194 Exeter – A presenters review

SQL Saturday #194 Exeter – A presenters review

This weekend was full of a range of emotions for me. Grab a beverage and I’ll tell you all about it…. The Journey On the Friday I had arranged to take my 70-451 exam at lunchtime at a test center just outside Birmingham which would provide me with a nice jaunt down the M5, or so […]

SQL Roundup

It’s been a little while since my last roundup, but this is good news because now you have even more SQL links in one place!

Weekly SQL Blog round up WC 20100822

It’s been a busy week again this week in both my professional and personal life, so not much time for reading community content. However I have noticed an outstandingly funny hash tag on Twitter #inappropriatePASSSessions, possibly my favourite so far is from Bill Fellows (Blog|Twitter) I would like to point out that no developers or […]

Weekly SQL Blog round up WC 20100815

In my last post I promised that I would write a weekly roundup of SQL blog entries that I have found interesting, due to illness I’ve not been able to keep that promise. I’ve been back in the office this week with lots to catch up on, as you can imagine checking out new blog […]

Weekly SQL Blog / Tweet round up

There are lots and lots of people blogging quality SQL content these days, rather than clogging up my blog and Twitter with pingbacks and retweets I thought I would start up a weekly post on the blog entries and possibly tweets that I have found interesting over the week. Due to the sheer volume of SQL content on the web it may be that some of the blog postings are quite old.