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Spring may be long gone but you still need to clean up MSDB

Spring may be long gone but you still need to clean up MSDB

System databases are often neglected, part of this is due to Microsoft’s message of SQL Server will run and look after itself. In fairness it does to a certain extent (no, that’s not a pun), it’s configured out of the box not to be the fastest, but to be stable. The problem is that SQL […]

Cycling is good for you

Cycling is good for you

It’s been a great day for British cycling with Bradley Wiggins becoming the first Briton to ever win the Tour de France, Chris Froome finishing second and Mark Cavendish winning the final stage. I have a huge amount of admiration for their dedication to the sport, it takes massive amounts of physical and mental stamina […]

Missing Performance Counters

Missing Performance Counters

We had an incident today where a set of SQL performance counters were not showing in Perfmon. The performance counters in question were the SSISPipeline set on a 64bit instance of SQL Server 2005, the reason why they were not showing was that in a 64 bit installation the registry setting that stores the location […]

SQL Patch Updates

The following KB articles/patches for SQL Server have been released over the last few days: SQL Sever 2005 You have to reinstall some drivers when you install SQL Server 2005 FIX: A Deadlock occurs when two transactions try to perform a DML operation on a table that contains a TABLOCK locking hint or an XLOCK […]

Recovering TempDB

In a previous post “Moving TempDB” I provided step by step instructions on how you can move your TempDB database with an emphasis on reducing disk IO contention. If you have read this post you will notice that I did not change the path for the TempDB database files from the USB stick back to […]

Moving TempDB

One of the planned projects in my schedule for the coming financial year is to add some new disks in to one of our SQL servers. As part of this project I will be moving the TempDB database onto a different disk thereby helping to reduce the IO contention on the server.

Its all about the end result

On Sunday night I was implementing a significant change release on our main production environment and thought after after implementing numerous implementation and migration projects over the years that a blog on the mechanics of change control could be a great help to people in their jobs, be it Developer, DBA or Project Manager. I hope there’s something in here for everyone.

Forget SatNav – Use MAPs

Microsoft have released version 5.0 of MAP (Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit)

Rebuilding ReportServerTempDB

Whist reviewing various logs on SQL Servers across the estate I was greeted with the following error on one of our SQLExpress instances this morning: The application domain WindowsService_22 failed to initialize. Error: Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.ReportServerStorageException: An error occurred within the report server database.  This may be due to a connection failure, timeout or low disk condition […]

Paul Randall & Kimberley Tripp SQL Master Class

An overview of a great day with Paul Randall & Kimberley Tripp