Changing how you view results in SSMS

There may be many times during a day where you have to show a fellow colleague or senior member of staff data from your screen. When there are quite a few people around your desk it becomes difficult for all involved to be able to see the results on the screen clearly. Luckily in SSMS we can compensate for this. 

Simply click on the Tools menus and choose options. This will bring up a new window rather surprisingly called “Options”.
Expand the Environment node in the tree on the left and click on “Fonts and Colors
Change the “Show settings for:” to Grid Results

Here you can change the font, size and colour of your results to make things easier for others.


How to amend the display of results in SSMS 2005

How to amend the display of results in SSMS 2005


You’ll be amazed at how this little thing will make others more appreciative. The only caveat with changing this is that it will require a new session to be created, so if you know in advance that you will be doing a demonstration remember to change it before you start.