Free DVD of Quest Virtual Training for SQL Server – SQL Server Training on DMVs

Quest are offering a free DVD containing 8 training sessions from the following well respected presenters: Kevin Kline Blog|Twitter Brent Ozar Blog|Twitter Ari Wiel Twitter The closing date for applications is 30th September 2010, however they will only have a certain amount in stock so get in there quick. To register for your free copy […]

SQL Server Setup Portal

In another bid to make things easier for the SQL community Microsoft have launched a new SQL Server Setup Portal which can be found here: which has been described in Buck Woody’s blog as “a one-stop-shop for everything you need to know about planning and setting up SQL Server” Richard DouglasMore Posts – Website Follow […]

Learn something new each day

There was a time when it was concievable for somebody to know all about SQL Server, these days with the advent of DTS and subsequently SSIS there is a need to know about ETL processes. Of course an ETL process is pointless on it’s own, it by definition has to have a destination and seeing as this is SQL Server it will 95% of the time end up being consumed by Analysis Services. Add on to that all the new functionality in the database engine, new data types and CLR Integration and there is a whole world of things to learn.

Unexpected results with sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats

This morning I was writing a script to identify some stored procedures that I felt may benefit from tuning as part of this script I referenced the very useful DMV sys.dm_exec_procedure_stats. (I will post the script later) If you have not used this DMV before I suggest that you take a look in BOL as it […]


Earlier today I was asked to elevate the permissions of a user who already had read only access to a database so they would be able to see stored procedures and other programmable objects it’s something that comes up every so often so worth while writing a few lines as it will undoubtedly help somebody out.