Weekly SQL Blog / Tweet round up

There are lots and lots of people blogging quality SQL content these days, rather than clogging up my blog and Twitter account with pingbacks and retweets I thought I would start up a weekly post on the blog entries and possibly tweets that I have found interesting over the week. Due to the sheer volume of SQL content on the web it may be that some of the blog postings are quite old.

Brad McGehee has had a couple of good blog entries this week:
Instant File Initialization Speeds SQL Server – This post is all about the benefits of having Instant File initialization set on your servers. If you’re not aware what it is then it allocates the space to the file without zeroing out the space on the disk (which may cause a security risk on shared servers). Quite a few people know about this, but it’s worth reading the comment by Jose A. Hernandez who says you can allocate the policy permission to a windows group to avoid having to add the permission to a user should the service account change – great tip!

Windows OS Power Saving Feature Directly Affects CPU Performance – As you may have gathered by the title this post is about Windows power setting and what direct affect it has on the CPU. After reading this I went straight to my inherited servers to check their settings. You may want to consider adding this as a step in your server setup if you do not already have it.

Paul White – A SQL Server technical blog from the K?piti Coast, New Zealand:
The “Segment Top” Query Optimisation – Paul’s maiden post at his new blog home on SQLBlog.com

Simon Sabin – SimonS SQL Blog
Want to support SQL Server ? – SQL MVP Simon Sabin provides a link to career opportunities at Microsoft to work with SQL Server.