SQL Patch Updates

The following KB articles/patches for SQL Server have been released over the last few days: SQL Sever 2005 You have to reinstall some drivers when you install SQL Server 2005 FIX: A Deadlock occurs when two transactions try to perform a DML operation on a table that contains a TABLOCK locking hint or an XLOCK […]

Recovering TempDB

In a previous post “Moving TempDB” I provided step by step instructions on how you can move your TempDB database with an emphasis on reducing disk IO contention. If you have read this post you will notice that I did not change the path for the TempDB database files from the USB stick back to […]

Weekly SQL Blog round up WC 20100822

It’s been a busy week again this week in both my professional and personal life, so not much time for reading community content. However I have noticed an outstandingly funny hash tag on Twitter #inappropriatePASSSessions, possibly my favourite so far is from Bill Fellows (Blog|Twitter) I would like to point out that no developers or […]

Moving TempDB

One of the planned projects in my schedule for the coming financial year is to add some new disks in to one of our SQL servers. As part of this project I will be moving the TempDB database onto a different disk thereby helping to reduce the IO contention on the server.

Its all about the end result

On Sunday night I was implementing a significant change release on our main production environment and thought after after implementing numerous implementation and migration projects over the years that a blog on the mechanics of change control could be a great help to people in their jobs, be it Developer, DBA or Project Manager. I hope there’s something in here for everyone.

Sharing scripts

Most if not all SQL professionals will have heard of SQLServerCentral.com, if you haven’t it’s a great community site with it’s own SQL Server forum where you can ask questions and receive answers from your peers. The site has a contribution center feature where registered members can submit articles, scripts and even a “Question of the day”. In true community spirit I shared one of the scripts that I had been working on.

Weekly SQL Blog round up WC 20100815

In my last post I promised that I would write a weekly roundup of SQL blog entries that I have found interesting, due to illness I’ve not been able to keep that promise. I’ve been back in the office this week with lots to catch up on, as you can imagine checking out new blog […]