Weekly SQL Blog round up WC 20100822

It’s been a busy week again this week in both my professional and personal life, so not much time for reading community content. However I have noticed an outstandingly funny hash tag on Twitter #inappropriatePASSSessions, possibly my favourite so far is from Bill Fellows (Blog|Twitter)


I would like to point out that no developers or managers were harmed during the composition of this blog post.

If you fancy starting your own blog Simon Sabin (Blog|Twitter) has written an entry on the tools he uses when blogging:
Blogging – how do you do it? 
Thanks to Simon I now know about the Windows 7 Snipping tool (which I used to take the tweet from TweetDeck above).

Once you have been blogging for a while, you might fancy trying your hand at presenting, Microsoft’s Andrew Fryer (Blog|Twitter) has written a blog entry on how Windows 7 can help make things easier:
Windows 7 the Presenter’s friend

Aaron Bertrand (Blog|Twitter) has written a great blog entry on his findings of Red Gate’s new Storage Compress 5.0 product:
First Look : Red Gate SQL Storage Compress 5.0

On SQLServerCentral.com you can find an interview with this years winner of Red Gate’s Exceptional DBA winner Tracy Hamlin (Twitter):
Tracy Hamlin, Exceptional DBA of 2010, on what it means to go the extra mile

SQLServerPedia syndicated blogger Michael J Swart (Blog|Twitter) has written about his SQL peeves in the post: Ten Things I Hate to See in T-SQL