Problem Steps Recorder

Windows 7 introduced a very handy new feature called “Problem Steps Recorder” and can be started by simply typing “PSR” in the run menu. The application itself is quite minimalistic in it’s appearance and very straight forward to use. What it does is record each step that the user takes and documents it in step-by-step details as well as providing screenshots. Once the user stops recording it will prompt them to save the recording which internally is an MHTML document wrapped up in a ZIP file which as we all know is a compression format so it can be sent to your third party support, helpdesk or even your friendly DBA :)

SQL Roundup

It’s been a little while since my last roundup, but this is good news because now you have even more SQL links in one place!

Building Queries, work smarter not harder

Recently I asked a colleague to split up an update statement into smaller batches to reduce locking on the system and the impact on replication, the table in question did not have an identity attribute on it so it had to be segmented a little more manually and he was worried that it would result in a lot of code to write. Now it’s true we could have used NTILE or TOP statements in a loop and split the update statement down that way, but then I wouldn’t have been able to talk about how you can work smarter not harder when it comes to building repeated queries.

T-SQL Tuesday #10: Unused Indexes (Indices)

T-SQL Tuesday #10: Unused Indexes (Indices)

This is my first foray into the now well established T-SQL Tuesday event. If you have not heard of T-SQL Tuesday before it was set up by Adam Machanic (Blog|Twitter) and you can read all about it here: T-SQL Tuesday This months subject is “Indexes” (however I’m one of those annoying people who prefer to […]

Missing Performance Counters

Missing Performance Counters

We had an incident today where a set of SQL performance counters were not showing in Perfmon. The performance counters in question were the SSISPipeline set on a 64bit instance of SQL Server 2005, the reason why they were not showing was that in a 64 bit installation the registry setting that stores the location […]

SQL Workshops

If you have been to any of the SQLBits events many of you will have no doubt made a conscious effort to go to the sessions by Ramesh Meyyappan. Ramesh is absolutely awesome at performance tuning, you can see some of his previous presentations at the SQLBits site here, but did you know that he […]