End of year review 2010 and goals for 2011

Last year I set myself a number of career goals which were more around certifications and learning than anything else, whilst this is very important and I feel passionately about learning I have realised over the last 12 months that this is not the only thing that I should be concentrating on.

A lot has happened this year, both in my professional and family life (in no particular order):

  • Our second son was born.
  • Family health problems.
  • New job.
  • Gained the 70-432 SQL 2008 DBA MCTS.
  • Gained the 70-450 SQL 2008 DBA MCITP.
  • Attended and helped out at SQLBits.
  • Ditched the diesel and bought a fun car!

For the new year I plan to set three distinct set of goals. In truth there will be four as I will have work specific objectives which I can’t really post here. I’ve outlined my goals below, again they are in no particular order – except for the personal section which I have deliberately placed last, after all it’s a SQL blog and you’ll be much more interested in reading and understanding professional rather than personal goals. Lots of bloggers have been talking about themes for their goals, if I were to sum up my goals for next year in one word it would have to be “Organisation”. All aspects of my life have radically changed since this time last year, if I am to do even half the things that I have planned then organisation is the key the old adage “Work smarter not harder” definitely rings true.

Goals for 2011


Last year I made a commitment to the SQL community by starting my blog and attending a few events, this year I have built and consolidated on that platform and intend to take things on to the next stage next year.

  • Write at least two articles for one of the major SQL community websites.
  • Attend at least one SQL User Group per quarter on top of SQL Bits.
  • Present some SQL Nuggets at a User Group session.
  • Monitor and contribute more to #SQLHelp on Twitter.
  • Contribute more to the various SQL forums.


Professional Development

I love SQL Server and try to learn something new each day, to help me achieve this I have set myself the following goals.

  • Take and pass 70-433 and 70-451 exams (SQL Server 2008 Development track).
    Eventually I want to take the MCM exams and these are the pre-requisites that I have yet to take.
  • Take and pass a Windows OS or networking exam.
    The idea behind this is that it will provide me with more peripheral knowledge which will enhance my DBA troubleshooting skills.
  • Blog more, I have a stack of ideas but have not written them up.
    This year I intend to become more organised with my blogging and blog at least once or twice a week. The increase in blogging should help with my goal of publishing a couple of articles.
  • Overhaul my website, the look and feel hasn’t quite turned out as I had hoped, so a redesign with a few new features is just what the doctor ordered.
  • Read 2 technical and 2 professional development books cover to cover.
    At the moment I tend just to read the relevant sections of books and am no doubt missing some real gems.
  • Make better goals!
    One of the books I am interested in reading is “Getting Things Done” by David Allen which was recommended by Brent Ozar Blog|Twitter in his blog article Goals? Where we’re going, we don’t need goals. The idea of having goals at different levels which keep you on track does sound appealing and is something I will be looking into.



I’ve tried to keep this section brief on purpose.

  • Take better care of everybody’s health.
    At one point or another all of my immediate family have been in hospital, so better eating and more exercise is in order
  • Increase the quality of the time I have with my family.
    • More romantic breaks with my wife.
    • Take more of an active role in the things that they enjoy.
  • Attempt to introduce my eldest son to the trumpet, I may regret this one!
  • Go camping with my eldest, if only in the garden.
  • Win a Tennis Grand Slam on the Wii.