January goals update

The reason I haven’t written a blog post in a while is that I’ve been trying to make some real headway with the goals that I set in my last post: ‘End of year review 2010 and goals for 2011’. One month on I thought I’d write a few words on how I’ve been getting along….

Professional Development

  • Take and pass 70-433 and 70-451 exams (SQL Server 2008 Development track).
    On Saturday I took and passed the 70-433 exam, so I’m making good progress on this goal. I’ll be writing up a blog on how I prepared over the next few days.If you’re serious about SQL Server then your end goal has to be to gaining the MCM accreditation. I’ve been marking off the pre-requisites as I accomplish them:
  • image

You can read all about the MCM process here

  • Take and pass a Windows OS or networking exam.
    This is still on the cards and I’ll be tackling this one next!
  • Blog more, I have a stack of ideas but have not written them up.
    My blog has been suffering to my study of late, but as my mentor told me it’s actually a great way of enforcing things that I have learnt, so expect more peripheral DBA skill subjects in the next few months.
  • Read 2 technical and 2 professional development books cover to cover.
    Another goal that I’ve managed to make good progress on. This month I have finished reading “The Real MCTS SQL Server 2008 Exam 70-433 Prep Kit” and “Strengthsfinder 2.0”. The Strengths Finder book was very interesting, it’s all about your identifying what you’re good at and working on actions based on your strengths. In my personalised report it said I may be suited to a role in Database Management – can’t see it personally!


So there we are, a very busy month in which I have managed to accomplish a few of the things that I initially outlined.

Next month I’ll try and focus more on the community side of things.