A new SQL User Group in the UK

You may have already heard rumours on twitter or on a couple of blogs that there has been a new SQL user Group announced here in the UK. It’s time to put a bit of flesh on the bones!

I’ve been wanting to start a user group for some time now as the community is so vibrant and giving that I felt a bit selfish not helping out. For me SQLBits in Manchester was the catalyst, until this point I never knew much about the community. Sure I had posted on a few forums and people seemed friendly enough, but going to a conference where I knew nobody was a big step and one I am really glad I took. I’ve attended every SQLBits since then, some as a member of the public and some as a volunteer which I found very fulfilling. The natural step after attending these as well as a number of user groups over the last couple of years was to start my own.

So without further ado, I would like to formally announce that on 4th October 2011 as part of SQLRelay I will be hosting the UK’s latest UG at Quest Software’s offices in Maidenhead.

The idea is to provide a venue for those M4 corridor warriors to talk about SQL Server in a friendly atmosphere with a couple of speakers at each event providing an experts overview on a variety of SQL Server related topics. We’ll even provide some refreshments for you – all for free!

This new venture brings the number of user groups in the UK up to an impressive sixteen, soon there’ll be no reason not to attend one. If Maidenhead is too far for you to travel then please check out SQLServerFAQ for details of other groups in the UK. You can also register to attend the new group there too.

I’d love to hear any ideas you may have on the subject and I hope you’ll join me for the inaugural meeting!