SQLRelay: The Final Sprint

The UK SQL community has never had so many events in such a short space of time. Last week there were three days of SQLBits and this week all 15 SQL User Groups have held a free event with each meeting having a session presented by a SQL Server MVP. This figure includes three user […]

SQLRelay: The Third Leg

Feedback from the second leg of SQLRelay was very positive indeed. The attendees from my Maidenhead group were very impressed and glad they had a user group near them. Navigate to http://www.sqlserverfaq.com to see if there is a user group near you, if there isn’t we can help you start one! You can see the […]

T-SQL Tuesday 23 – Key Lookups

T-SQL Tuesday 23 – Key Lookups

This post is brought to you by the letter “K”. Those of you that have been following my blog and tweets recently will know all about the SQLRelay event that is happening in the UK this week. Tonight is the second of a four night series of events culminating on the 6th October in London […]

SQLRelay: The Second Leg

For those of you that follow athletics and have seen how the 4 * 100metre relay works you may appreciate that I decided not to go with the title “SQL Relay: Going round the bend” for yesterdays blog post SQLRelay: The First Leg. I might still go for it tomorrow depending on how tonight turns […]

Free SQL Stuff

Community events are a great way of picking up free stuff and SQLRelay is no exception. At the inaugural Maidenhead User Group on the 4th October not only are we being treated to two excellent speakers from Coeo in Justin Langford and Chirag Roy, but we have the following items to give away too: Session […]

SQLRelay: The First Leg

SQLBits 9 may be over but the SQL community is still going strong in the UK with the first leg of SQLRelay kicking off this evening. If you haven’t heard of SQLRelay we’re hosting a mammoth 15 SQL user group meetings in three days and a 16th national event in London on the fourth day […]

SQLBits 9 Roundup

SQLBits 9 Roundup

I’ve written quite a bit about SQLBits since I started blogging almost two years ago, this time however I had a very different experience from previous events. In August I accepted a position at Quest software and asked if I could work on the stand, so for this SQLBits I was an exhibitor, not an […]