New Year Aspirations

Every year millions of people around the world decide to make new years resolutions. In these resolutions they promise themselves that they will exercise more, study more, stop eating takeaway or chocolate or stop smoking.


We’re now more than a week into 2013 and you can guarantee that at least half of the population that made these resolutions have broken at least one of them.


Well fear not, over the rest of the month I will be helping you to achieve those professional goals you have had in your mind with the help of a few friends. That’s right folks, I’ve rounded up some of the SQL Server communities most talented professionals and interviewed them to see how they achieved something special in their career hope that we can all emulate them.
Want to become more involved in the SQL Server community?
Want to become an MCM or even an MCA?
Fancy starting your own blog or even your own company?
With tips from these gurus we’ll all be chomping at the bit to reach that goal. Bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it with links to all of the interviews.


Happy new year!


Interview one:       Chris Webb on SQLBits
Interview two:       Brent Ozar on Consulting
Interview three:    James Rowland-Jones on PASS
Interview four:      Mark Broadbent on SQLSaturday
Interview five:      Thomas La Rock on blogging
Interview six:        boB Taylor on the MCM program
Interview seven:   Gavin Payne on being an MCA
Interview eight:    Jonathan Allen on being a DBA
Interview nine:     Kevin Kline on Presenting