PASS Board of Directors Elections

On September 23rd 2013 PASS released the official slate of nominees as rated by the PASS Nominations Committee where I was ranked 4th which is the highest of all the EMEA candidates. I wrote about the occasion in a post entitled PASS Board of Directors Election: Candidates announced. This section of my personal site is dedicated to providing you with more information about the skills that I bring to the table which will enable you to make a decision on whether you believe I deserve your vote.

Official PASS Candidate Page

This link will take you to my official PASS Page, from there you can find my published application form, alternatively you can find it here.


This link will take you to a page containing the key objectives I will achieve if elected to the Board.

Personality Traits

It’s important that not only do you know about the goals of each candidate, I believe it is vital that you understand there personal traits. Rather than list all of the usual kind of information you usually see on profiles such as LinkedIn I would like to share with you some excerpts from my StrengthsFinder 2.0 report.


For a list of my references backing my application please refer to my references page.

Questions from the PASS Board of Director Elections Discussion Forum

PASS have created a forum where members can pose questions to the nominees about issues they are passionate about. I have turned a number of these answers into blog posts, links to these can be found below. To view the forums please go here.

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