Statement of Intentions

How can PASS better serve the Microsoft data platform community in the next five years?

PASS already does a good job of supporting those who work with the Microsoft Data platform; however I believe that within any organization there is always room for improvement.

Global growth is obviously a key area where we should be concentrating on. James Rowland-Jones is making fantastic progress here, as you can see from the Global Growth Survey results there is a long way to go in order to fully engage with people and grow members from untapped areas.

SQL Saturday is an ideal mechanism for organically growing memberships in both established and unestablished areas of the globe and tighter integration with the global growth plans should be a priority.

The Business Analytics conference was a big success, it helped to enforce PASS’s mission statement and bring the brand to an audience who may not have heard about it before. There may be an opportunity in the future to do something similar with the cloud OS. Given the current trend this will be an area of growth for people in our profession. PASS will need to be able to provide guidance to those data professionals who seek to be thought leaders in their own organizations in these new areas. This will mean that at some point PASS will need to evolve further to incorporate mentoring opportunities around periphery technology in order to fully support its membership.

Personally I don’t favor the term grassroots, however I do realize that this is a great methodology for growing the community and as such we must look at what we offer, how we offer it and if the seeds that we are planting are flourishing or withering away.


If elected to the PASS Board, what goal(s) would you set for PASS? How would you accomplish that goal? How would this benefit the PASS community?

Empower the global Microsoft SQL Server and Business Intelligence community to connect, share, learn and be inspired through networking, knowledge sharing, peer-based learning, and the ability to influence the direction of the Microsoft SQL Server platform.

In support of this mission I would suggest the following goals

Empower the Global SQL Server Community

  • Increase membership engagement and participation in existing locales by 25% over the coming twelve months. For example:
    • Enhance Regional mentors by possibly twinning PASS chapters across the globe to encourage collaboration of sharing success stories and challenges.

Connect, share, learn and be inspired through networking, knowledge sharing, peer-based learning

  • Streamline the delivery of key learning content to via the primary PASS delivery channels to make this more accessible and consumable for PASS memberships to help them achieve their learning goals For example:
    • By reorganizing the excellent content already available as well as creating new content to align with the various certification syllabuses
    • By having a centralized library of resources will help to encourage participation in the virtual chapters and by tagging the webinars we can categorize them into the various syllabuses that the exams require knowledge of.
    • Potential launch of new PASS study chapters, physical or virtual where likeminded people can meet to discuss their objectives and the issues that they face. I believe that this ticks many of the boxes of PASS’s mission statement:
    • Expose and share high quality speaking resources and streamline event delivery. For example:
      • Create a unified session submission system and speaker bureau where speakers can enter sessions for all PASS events and select the areas they would also be willing to present them in. This provides extra value to chapter leaders allowing them the opportunity to pick speakers that they may not know about that would be willing to deliver topics in their area.
      • When a physical or virtual chapter meeting is announced it would automatically be added to an event management system that would keep track of categories and locations. A PASS member would then be able to do a search of BI sessions in the Washington area and receive iCal files for every meeting that fits their criteria



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