Please find below a copy of the references used in my application for a position on the PASS Board of Directors 2013 slate:

Alex Whittles – PASS Chapter Leader and former Chairperson of SQL Relay

I’ve known Richard for a number of years through his involvement in the UK SQL Server community; as a speaker, webcast organiser, PASS chapter leader as well as his involvement on the SQL Relay committee. Richard’s events are consistently well organised and efficiently run; his input is without a doubt a positive asset to the UK SQL Server community.

As well as Richard’s event organising activity he’s an excellent speaker, always receiving very positive feedback from user groups as well as SQL Relay attendees.

During Richard’s time on the SQL Relay committee he has helped the conference grow and mature to where it is now, providing regular input on the planning committee as well as his considerable effort helping manage a number of the events on the day.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard for a seat on the PASS board.


Chris Testa-O’Neill – MVP

Richard has been a welcome addition to the UK community running the Maidenhead SQL Server User Group. He is always willing to help at SQLBits and SQLRelay and was particularly focused in helping scope the sponsorship model for SQLRelay.

He is full of ideas and can put his point across very eloquently. He is also supportive of those around him and is willing to provide advice.

I wish Richard the best in his application.


Jonathan Allen – PASS Chapter Leader and Regional Mentor

I have known Richard for many years now and have always associated him closely with the SQL Server Community. Whether Richard is working as a chapter leader or as a key member of the SQL Relay organising committee he is a great advocate for the SQL Community and for shared learning, communication and training.

Working with Richard on the SQL Relay events I have first-hand knowledge that he is a reliable person to have on the SQL Relay team and will put his efforts wholly behind the project aims. In the discussion and planning phases he is a person that happily provides ideas and constructive input where he sees opportunities to make changes that will benefit the event attendees or make the administration tasks easier.

As a user group leader Richard runs a successful chapter at Maidenhead where I have been pleased to be invited to speak. He has strong organisational skills and is very clear and methodical in his role as group leader. This also comes across in his technical sessions, Richard presents at the many chapter meetings and conferences and he has an easy-going, clear presenting manner that encourages attendees to engage and get maximum benefit from the time in his sessions.

As a current Regional Mentor I feel confident in Richard’s ability to run and grow the group while he is there and would readily use him as a role model for other less experienced chapter leaders who are looking for ideas and techniques to implement at their chapter.

I whole heartedly support Richard’s application for the PASS Board vacancy.


 Kevin Kline – MVP and Former Chair of PASS

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Richard Douglas for several years as a co-worker at Quest Software and as a local user group leader. During that time, I’ve come to know Richard as a very talented and knowledgeable SQL Server professional with a passion for building the local SQL Server community in the UK.

In addition to deep technical skills, Richard is a strong communicator with strong relationships throughout the UK and Europe and an insightful problem-solver, able to discern deeper and more permanent solutions than most other technologists. Richard is an extremely hard worker, willing to put in the hours to implement projects that he cares about.

He’d be a great addition to the PASS board of directors, especially when acting as a representative of the wider European user community.


Christian Bolton – MVP, MCM, MCA

I’ve known Richard for many years and have worked with him regularly in both a professional and social capacity and have always found him to be reliable, trustworthy and supportive of others.  He is a true SQL Server Professional and is an active leader and organiser in the UK SQL Server community.

Richard has a good understanding of what PASS members really want making him an effective representative of the people and would make a great ambassador for Europe.

I wholeheartedly support Richard’s nomination to the PASS board of Directors.


 Andrew Fryer – Technical Evangelist, Developer & Platform Group, Microsoft Limited

My current role at Microsoft demands that I attend many events over the course of a year and you start to recognize familiar faces. Richard was one of these faces that seemed ever present at SQL Server events over the last few years. During this time I have come to know Richard quite well through his support of community events, his passion for the community is clear to see. In the last year we have interacted on a number of occasions; I have spoken at his user group and toured with him during SQL Relay where he was acting as an organizer, helper and presenter.

At a corporate level Richard and I have engaged at several events where Microsoft and Quest/Dell have been sponsors and have witnessed firsthand the rapport and empathy that Richard has with the SQL community and the problems that they face.

Richard seems to have a growing following in the SQL community within EMEA and beyond from his webcasts and blogging exploits. His amiable nature means he is very approachable and always willing to help those who request it.

I have no hesitation in recommending Richard for a seat on the PASS board of directors.


Darin Bartik – VP and General Manager, Database Management Group, Dell Software Group

Richard has emerged as a leading light on SQL server within the DELL Software Group. He is passionate about SQL Server as a platform and his tenacity has ensured that we have continued to elevate SQL server as a top priority for the DELL software group. He has campaigned consistently for our organisation to support SQL server community events and is constantly evangelising the importance of vendor agnostic communities such as SQL PASS. We are delighted to strengthen our support for the PASS movement and will continue to support Richard as a SQL Server ambassador within DELL Software.


Peter O’Connell – Product Management for SQL Server Products, Dell Software

When I came on board with the Dell Software Group as a the product manager for SQL Server products I immediately went on the look-out for the most passionate people on SQL Server in the organisation. What impressed me most about Richard was the amount of time and energy he committed to over and above the call of duty. He has and continues to work tirelessly both internally and externally to put SQL Server at the top of the agenda. His depth of knowledge is a great asset but what makes it most valuable is his connection with the SQL server community. He is a great sounding board and contributor for ideas relating to community, events and product. This year we are attending PASS as a platinum sponsor. Richards internal campaigning was instrumental in elevating our involvement in PASS this year. He has also allowed us to strengthen our focus on locales outside of North America. Today our SQL Server team is truly diverse with contributions from the US, EMEA, Asia, Australia and Russia. Having an EMEA based ambassador has helped us understand how to connect with our international communities very effectively.

Patrick O’Keeffe – Australia – Director, Research & Development, Dell Software

Richard is a valued partner of both the Product Management and R&D teams and continues to add community insight and feedback into to our product direction. Given his depth of platform knowledge, his profile as a SQL Server DBA, his deep involvement with the community and his continued certification development he brings an extra dimension to the product development process.

Through his core role Richard is constantly engaging with customers at the coal face so he really understands their issues. Combining his community involvement and his customer facing role provides him with a constant stream of SQL Server user touch points to inform our strategy and deliver better products aligned to real customer needs. Currently he is working with us to plan our SQL Server 2014 support, he is working to promote SQL Server right across our organisation and he is leading a customer advisory group on some key product enhancements.


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