Presentations – 2014

During 2014 I delivered the following public sessions on SQL Server topics. Where possible I have provided a link to a recording or session material.

This list does not contain product related recordings that I have made for my employer Dell Software Group (formerly Quest Software). These recordings can be found at

Natural Born Killers, Performance Issues to Avoid


Learning SQL is easy, mastering it is hard. In this session you’ll learn simple but effective tricks to design your database objects better and write more optimized code. As an attendee you will gain a deeper understanding of common database development and administration mistakes, and how you can avoid them.

Ever thought that you were adhering to best practices but still seeing performance problems? You might well be. In this session I will be covering why the optimizer isn’t using all available processors, when the database engine fails to report all the resources a query has used and why the optimizer doesn’t always use the best plan.

You will leave this session with a list of things that you can check for in your environment to improve performance for your users.


  • Luxembourg SQL Server User Group – 26th March
  • Leeds SQL Server User Group – 23rd July
  • Manchester SQL Server User Group – 24th July
  • Dev Connections (Las Vegas) – 15th – 19th September – Cancelled due to ill health

How to Improve SQL Server Performance with Indexing


Indexing presents daunting challenges for even the most seasoned professionals, as it offers countless options to choose from. With a little help you’ll see how to simplify indexing in your environment and improve the overall performance of your SQL Server applications. In this session you will learn all about the different architectures of indexes, from that how to make the right choices when designing your indexes so that both the database engine and your DBA will love you for it.The session will also cover how to find missing and unused indexes, the cause and how to resolve fragmentation issues as well as how to maintain your indexes after they have been deployed.

After attending this session you will have a much better understanding of how to create the right indexes for your entire environment, not just for that one troublesome query.


  • Southampton SQL Server User Group – 4th June



The Day After Tomorrow; Why You Need to Baseline


Ensuring peak SQL Server performance isn’t always easy and requires a lot of work on the part of the DBA. To maintain the best-possible performance, you need to make sure you’re monitoring the right things. But how do you know if the figures you’re seeing are good or bad? Baseline comparisons can help.

In this session I will show you how to get the most from them, explaining what a baseline is, why and when you need to take one, and how you can create one. You’ll also learn about a number of native Windows and SQL Server tools that will allow you to do just that. Don’t wait for a disaster to fully realize the importance of baselining.



  • Maine User Group (Remote) – 18th June
  • PASS DBA Virtual Chapter – 25th June
  • SQLBits XII (Telford) – 19th July



SQL Server 2014 features everyone can use


Every few years Microsoft releases a new version of SQL Server and the social media frenzy begins about all the new Enterprise features. However not everybody has the chance to work and play with the Enterprise edition of SQL Server. A lot of us have budgetary constraints which mean we can only use the Standard or BI editions. Learn about those new features that you can use in your environment and plan your upgrade to SQL Server 2014.


  • Luxembourg SQL Server User Group – 19th November

Wait Watchers – Gain Performance Increases Fast!


In this session you will learn all about SQL Server’s wait statistics, these are statistics the database engine stores about the resources it is waiting on. Armed with this information you, as a SQL Server professional, can make better informed decisions on which areas of your environment to tune to greater effect .After attending this session you will be able to know where to find, interpret and use this information to tie down problem areas in your SQL Server estate. Not just to fix that problem query, but improve overall performance for all of your users.


  • PASS DBA Virtual Chapter – 12th November
  • Luxembourg SQL Server User Group – 19th November



Unfortunately there were a few trips that I had to cancel due to ill health, had I been well you may have seen me present at the following events:

  • SQL Saturday Kansas City – 13th September
  • Dev Connections (Las Vegas) – 15th – 19th September (2 sessions)
  • SQL Saturday Dublin – 20th September
  • PASS Summit (Seattle) – 6th November


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