Presentations – 2016

In 2016, I plan to deliver the following public sessions on SQL Server topics.

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The Day After Tomorrow; Why You Need To Baseline


Ensuring peak SQL Server performance isn’t always easy and requires a lot of work on the part of the DBA. To maintain the best possible performance, you need to make sure you’re monitoring the right things. But how do you know if the figures you’re seeing are good or bad? Baseline comparisons can help.

This session shows you how to get the most from them. We explain what a baseline is, why and when you need to take one, and how you can create one. You also learn about native Windows and SQL Server tools that enable you to do just that. Don’t wait for a disaster to fully realize the importance of baselining.


  • SQL Midlands – Birmingham – 14th January


Investigate TempDB like Sherlock Holmes


The system database TempDB has often been called a dumping ground, even the public toilet of SQL Server. (There has to be a joke about spills in there somewhere). In this session, you will learn to find those criminal activities that are going on deep in the depths of SQL Server that are causing performance issues. Not just for one session, but those that affect everybody on that instance.

In this session, you will learn how to architect TempDB for better performance, how to code for better performance and much more.



  • SQL Saturday Exeter – 12th March 2016
  • SQL Saturday Manchester – 23rd June 2016


Future presentations:

  • Nottingham SQL Server User Group – 4th August 2016
  • SQL Saturday Denmark (Copenhagen) – 17th September 2016

2016-08-04Nottingham SQL Sever User GroupInvestigate TempDB like Sherlock Holmes
2016-09-17SQL Saturday DenmarkInvestigate TempDB like Sherlock Holmes