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Simply follow the links below to catch up with some of my favourite blog series:

January 2013  – New Year Aspirations:

Interview one:       Chris Webb on SQLBits
Interview two:       Brent Ozar on Consulting
Interview three:    James Rowland-Jones on PASS
Interview four:      Mark Broadbent on SQLSaturday
Interview five:      Thomas La Rock on blogging
Interview six:        boB Taylor on the MCM program
Interview seven:   Gavin Payne on being an MCA
Interview eight:    Jonathan Allen on being a DBA
Interview nine:     Kevin Kline on Presenting

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June 2013 – Natural Born Killers:

17th June – Statistcs
18th June – Table Design
19th June – Scalar UDF’s
20th June – Indices
24th June – Key lookups
25th June – Sargability
26th June – Table Variables vs Temp Tables
27th June – Parameter Sniffing

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